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I live and work in San Francisco, California. I am a medical librarian, poet and foodie.


I have been living in San Francisco since I moved here for college. I grew up in San Diego county, where we grew many fruit trees in our back garden. I learned to cook and to make jams and jellies from the beautiful oranges, apricots, figs, pomegranate and guava growing outside. So I got my start in home canning by the time I was in middle school.

Once I moved to San Francisco, I continued to enjoy canning and making my own jams, syrups and pickles. Over the last several years, I have been using them as ingredients in or garnishes for cocktails.


Cooking, mixology, cocktail history, exploring foods from many cultures, reading cookbooks and food/wine/cocktail related stories and essays, poetry, writing, the arts, and the creative process.